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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Merhaba! Welcome to my website. My name is Konstantinos Travlos, PhD and I am a Assistant Professor in the Faculty of International Relations at Ozyegin University  at Istanbul, Turkey. 

As a scholar I focus on international relations and specifically  international conflict. I am a believer in the use of multiple methodologies when we wish to evaluate the empirical strength of an argument (or as a lay-person would say, whether it is true), even if right now I am focusing on mastering large-n quantitative methods. 

I gained my PhD in December 2013 from the Department of Political Science at the Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the mentoring of Dr. John Vasquez and Dr. Paul F. Diehl.

My two current major projects is exploring the impact on world politics of the concept of Interstate Managerial Coordination. This concept was developed by me on basis of the work of Peter Wallensteen on universalism and particularism. The second one is a major effort to compile dispute data in the 1715-1815 period.  I am also co-authoring a number of papers on related topics. 

By selecting one of the pages of this site you can access an up to date version of my CV, information about my research interests and output, information about classes I have taught and are teaching, and abstracts of papers I have sent out for publication or presented at professional conferences. This website, like my career is still pretty much a work in progress and new things and information will be added in future dates (such as access to data used in publications, syllabi from courses etc).

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What am I teaching this semester?


Integrating Realist and Neoliberal Theories of War” with Daniel S. Geller. Published in 2019 at  Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, Volume 25, Issue 2. You can find the replication data here .


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