The Congress of Berlin by Anton Werner

Replication Data

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with Daniel S. Geller “Integrating Realist and Neoliberal Theories of War”(with Daniel Geller).2019. Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy. 25(2): TBD

1.Statistical Appendix
2. Folder with Data and Do Files for STATA
3. Replication Data in STATA and EXCEL

“Mobilization Follies in International Relations: A multimethod exploration of why some decision makers fail to avoid war when public mobilization as a bargaining tool fails”.2019. All Azimuth. 8(2): TBD

1.Data Repository

with Deniz S. Sert "Making a Case over Greco-Turkish Rivalry: Major Power Linkages and Rivalry Strength".2018.Uluslararası Ilişkiler-Journal of International Relations 15(59):105-127

1.Online Appendix
2.Replication Data-EXCEL file
3. Replication Data-STATA file

"From Universalism to Managerial Coordination: Major Power Regulation of the Use of Force".2016.Asian International Studies Review 17 (2):27-53

1. Online Appendix
2.Replication Data-STATA file

"Islands in a Sea of Fog:A Rapid Evidence Assessment of Quantitative Research in the pre-1816 Period".2016. Uluslararası Ilişkiler-Journal of International Relations 13(50):21-41
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2.Replication Data