The Congress of Berlin by Anton Werner


In this page you can find links to media in which I was a contributor. This includes recordings of panels and interviews, as well as blog post


I have initiated a new educational video series "Salvation and Catastrophe: The Greek-Turkish War of 1919-1923" where I cover on a monthly basis, the events of this important war, as they happened, 100 years ago. You can access the playlist by clicking on PLAYLIST.

I am uploading my IR 301 Lectures for Fall 2018 to YouTube. You can access the playlist, by clicking on PLAYLIST

My lecture for the Workshop of Politics and Society at Ozyegin University on the Causes of World War 1

Going to War in 1914: What do we now know

Inaugural Workshop on Politics and Society at Ozyegin University 

War Aversion and the Causes of Major Power Managerial Coordination  

Panel at GSU on the US Budget Crisis of 2013.

GSU Department of Political Science on the US Budget Crisis Fall 2013

Blog Posts-Non-academic Articles.

·         The 2015 Greek Election and the Transnational Implications

·         Dealing with Klingons Part II: The Industrial Revolution Strikes Back

·         Dealing with Klingons: Or the Industrial Revolution and International Relations

·         Why the Crimea is the Third Rail of International Politics     
                                                                                                                                                                      The US-Iraq Conflict: A war of Rivlary? wth Brandon Valeriano