The Congress of Berlin by Anton Werner

Research III: Other Projects

Rivalry Interruption and Recurrence

Together with Dr. Paul Diehl and Gennady Rudkevich from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign we tackled the question of why do some interstate rivalries, international relations characterized by repeated military confrontations, end in peace, while others seem like they end only to erupt again in later date. This project led to a publication at Social Sciences Quarterly link to abstract and e-copy of the article (gated).

Liberal Primacy, Major Power Cooperation and the global expansion of democracy

In this project I focus on comparing and evaluating the respective roles of anglo-american primacy and major power cooperation on the global expansion of democracy. Primacy, and indeed robust interventionism by the primarchs, is proposed as a necessary condition for that global expansion by scholars like Dr. Kevin Narizny (link) or Dr. G. John Ikenberry (link). On the other hand peace may have a fostering effect on domestic politics that makes democratization more likely, and major power cooperation has been argued to foster international peace by scholars like Dr. Paul W. Schroeder (link) and Dr. Peter Wallensteen (link). The goal of my research on this question is to adjudicate between these two arguments.

Meta-analysis of Interstate Conflict 

Together with Gennady Rudkevich we take stoke of the corpus of published work on interstate conflict in the last decade. Our goal is to uncover trends and evaluate the state of scientific consilience. Read more here.